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Coping With Autism: Techniques, Therapy And More For Your Child

You may be wondering what is autism, and how it affects someone’s brain differently than yours. Autism is typically first noticed when someone is a young child, even a toddler. This is when they have trouble functioning with others on an emotional level and a relationship level.

Someone with this mental condition usually has a set way of behaviors and do not like change in their routine. While these are generally the most common symptoms within someone on the autism spectrum, no two people have the same set of symptoms, completely.

High functioning autism is typically a case of mild autism. A high functioning autistic person usually has an IQ higher than most with autism. These types of autistic people usually have trouble with communicating with others, social anxiety or may have Asperger’s. The ones who are high functioning display a range of symptoms that are also categorized by Asperger’s.

The differences between autism and Asperger’s are:

what causes autism• People with high functioning have issues with eye contact and connecting with others, where Asperger’s have less trouble

• Ones with Asperger’s feel more for others than ones with HFA

• More males have HFA than females and more females have Asperger’s


What Causes Autism? So now you may be wondering what causes autism. There are many theories on what may or may not cause autism. This includes vaccinations ones may get at a young age as well as brain abnormalities in the caudate nucleus. These regions of the brain have been compared to a normal functioning person and these have shown great differences.

Are Children Born With Autism? New studies state that autism may actually start in the womb when brain tissue under develops and have not grown according to its natural plan. This usually occurs within the middle to final trimester of one’s pregnancy. On autistic patients, irregular shaped neurons were seen in cortical layers of the outer brain that were not the correct ones. There have been studies on children all the way to the middle teens that have donated these samples to study on. Some came from autistic children and others were perfectly normal.

When this personality disorder is diagnosed, a person typically goes through types of cognitive behavior therapy. Young children may go through early intervention to help them before going off to school. This will allow them to grasp learning a head of time so it does not anger them or prevent them from learning when bombarded with it all at once.

Adapting behavior is key when treating autism. A key strategy for autism is self-management and growing. This allows them to learn how to function properly as well as their behavior. Anxiety is often a side diagnosis of this function and is important to acknowledge during self-management.

Types of activities that can help an autistic toddler:

what is autism• Games with repetitive objectives or motions

• Games that uses senses (sight, touch, smell, seeing, hearing)

• Climb stairs and drop light ball from stairs

• Games or actions with cause and effect motions

As mentioned, early intervention is a very popular behavior therapy for young children and early toddlers. Types of activities done during this at-home counseling session are:

• Building blocks, knocking them down

• Sensory bottles — putting different shapes and items into plastic bottle to shake

• Letter recognition blocks (they also have building blocks to knock down)

Activities, items and games that involve building up, recognizing items, sounds or animals are what appeal most to ones with autism and help them establish a firm grip on learning.

Sub-diagnosis’ like anxiety, ADD, ADHD and depression are often treated with different types of medication. Depending on the autism spectrum of said person, these medications may or may not calm the autism. It is best to work with behavior specialists early on to help the child function and transition into their pre-teens easier.

Sleep Disorders and Autism Often times, ones with autism have extreme sleep problems including insomnia. Many times, melatonin may not work for their sleeping habits and undergo sleep studies to get to the root of the cause. Much like behavior therapy, there are also types of sleep therapy for ones suffering from this mental disorder.

There is No Cure, But Not to Worry There is no cure or preventative measure for autism. As mentioned, there are many types of behavioral therapy. Some of these therapy types can include speech treatment as many autistic toddlers have a hard time developing correct speech even at the age of 3 or 4. This may make them appear quiet, but it is important to intervene and take care with speech therapy.

Included in types of speech therapy are playgroups. Teaching an autistic toddler to interact at a very young stage with others will help them adapt in school or public settings.

Toddlers with autism usually have screaming fits during bedtime, bath time, or when they just don’t understand what’s going on. With behavior treatment and plans of action, calming down a young one who may not be able to speak well, can be easier than without.

Other ways to become active within the autism community:

• Get involved with the Autism Friends Network

• Becoming involved in the Autistic Liberation Front

• Meet with other families of autistic children and plan play dates

• Read on different types of activities that can be made consistent in their life

As said, there is no cure for autism and there’s no way to prevent or cause autism yourself. This means you shouldn’t blame yourself for your child’s autism and the only thing you can do is prepare yourself and help guide your child through life as easily as possible. Understanding the specific emotions and mannerisms of your child will help you greatly when creating games and fixing situations or problems. There are many ways to help your child cope with their surroundings and prepare them for other situations.